Otolift Two


The stairlift with two slim tubes

The first thing you notice is that the Otolift Two takes up little space. The stairlift is compact yet still built extremely well. The Otolift Two is a stairlift to be proud of. Its subtle and contemporary design blends in well with any interior.

Otolift did everything possible to make the rail and the chair as compact as possible. The results are clear: The tubes are slim and they can be mounted very close to the wall. The chair is as compact as it is comfortable.

As a result, everyone is able to use your stairs with ease.

Do you have a narrow staircase? Then you will be pleasantly surprised to find how the Otolift runs along either the outside curve or the inside curve. The rail is solid and well constructed so you can travel up and down the stairs feeling safe every time.

The Otolift Two offers a number of smart solutions. At the top of the stairs, the seat can be manually or automatically rotated (depending on the model), creating a safe dismount. The Otolift Two is also available with powered folding footrest for even more convenience.

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The Otolift TWO comes complete with all the following features:
  • Compact, comfortable & visually pleasing design.
  • The slim twin tube rail makes the Otolift TWO curved stairlift strong, safe and reliable.
  • Tight bends minimising loss of space on the stairs for other stair users.
  • Lever assisted manual folding footrest as standard.
  • Battery operated, so the Otolift TWO stairlift can still be operated during a power cut.
  • Light touch, ergonomic controls require very little effort to operate the Otolift TWO stairlift.
  • All round safety system will stop the chair lift automatically if anything is trapped or it encounters any obstacles.
  • Unique folding & sliding rail options to avoid any obstructions at the foot of the stairs.
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