Otolift Modul-Air Smart


The revolution among stairlifts

Discover Otolift’s most advanced stairlift: the Modul-Air Smart. Equipped with state-of-theart technologies, making it safe and effortless to operate. Expect great comfort thanks to the ergonomic design and high-quality upholstery.

The Otolift Modul-Air Smart sets the new standard. Comfort, design, safety and technology come together in one stairlift.

Compact size and soft lines characterise the design of this unobtrusive stairlift. The footrest folds up to form a single unit with the seat. The seat has an ergonomic design and high-quality upholstery for ultimate comfort. The controls are discreetly integrated into the slightly curved armrests. A light touch moves the chair quietly over the world’s thinnest single rail. Experience exclusive elegance, outstanding comfort and optimum safety.

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Otolift Modul-Air Smart

Intuitive and easy to use

  • Smart battery system – Thanks to the smart battery system, the stairlift can also be used in the event of a power failure.

  • Space-saving – The Otolift can be folded quickly. It saves space and the stairs remain easily accessible.

  • Simple – The new seat belt is easy to use and can be closed with one hand.

  • SafeYour Otolift stops when it detects an obstacle. Automatic, gentle and safe.

  • Short start – With a short start, the passage or door at the bottom of your stairs remains completely free.

  • First Riser Start – The First Riser Start hangs on the first step. As a result, the rail takes up even less space.

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