Otolift AIR Stairlift


The Otolift AIR stairlift has the smallest diameter rail tube of any other single rail stairlift on the current market. The Otolift Air impresses with its modern design, which does not immediately capture one’s attention, but merges into the surroundings in an elegant and modest manner.

It is specially designed for narrow and steep stairs but can also be used on any other stair configuration. It is available with an extensive range of additional options to ensure you get a lift tailored to your personal needs.

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The Otolift AIR comes complete with all the following features
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Key features of Otolift Air Stairlift
  • Compact, comfortable & visually pleasing design.
  • Unobtrusive single tube rail, positioned low on the stairs, minimising the appearance of the rail.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Negotiate steep and narrow staircases, ensuring a comfortable ride with maximum knee clearance.
  • Takes up a minimum of space, leaving room on the stairs for other users.
  • Powered Folding Footrest is standard on the Otolift AIR Stairlift.
  • Battery operated, so the stairlift can still be operated during a power cut.
  • Light touch controls require very little effort to operate the lift.
  • All round safety system will stop the stair lift automatically if anything is trapped or it encounters any obstacles.
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